This past fall and winter have been full of micro-adventures; day hikes and paddles have filled our weekends. It has been a while since we have done a bigger trip, which is why we are already packing our bags for next weekend!

We’ve been given the opportunity to head across the border and explore Washington by Glamping with Pets, who found us a pet friendly cabin to call our home (or basecamp) for the weekend.


This dreamy cabin not only allows pets for no extra charge, but is complete with all the comforts of a ‘glamping’ experience. Winter camping is tough, so we are excited to have a treat-yo-self weekend to enjoy some new scenery without having to brave the cold at night.

So what do we pack for taking adventure cats across the border?

  1. A vet note saying that both cats are in good health, free of any diseases
  2. International Health Certificate from the vet, saying that their rabies shots are up to date as well as a certificate of vaccinations
  3. Carrying cases for while crossing the border
  4. Litter box for obvious reasons,
  5. A sealed bag of cat food. Apparently some customs officers will through out an open bag because of the ingredients,
  6. Don’t forget your passport! (For the humans that is)

Stay tuned for more photos and a video next week!