We went snowshoeing again, this time the white substance on the ground didn’t seem as foreign. The humans strapped on our adventure coats and we new, things were about to get serious.


Keel looking alert and adventure ready!


Bolt always seems to know when a camera is pointed at him

At first the snow was a little cold on our paws, so we took turns finding creative ways to get the humans to carry us. The humans didn’t seem to mind, they just kept stopping to point that black thing that clicks at us. At least we didn’t have to wear those silly booties the humans tried to make us wear (Find the video on our Facebook or Instagram).


Keel braves the snow, to his preference, without booties.


The result of trying to carry two adventure cats on a mission.

We eventually made it to our little camp spot, where the humans ate lunch and we cuddled in the down sleeping bag (but we didn’t pee in it this time, we promise).


Bolt enjoyed his view from the tent.


Keel enjoyed his down sleeping bag snuggles.

The humans packed their gear up, which is when we told them that we wanted to be packed up too.


Bolt sure knows how to look cute, the humans couldn’t resist and packed him up too.

The humans are now working on making some sweaters for us, as we were a bit cold when we weren’t on the move.

Q: How can you tell if the cats are cold or not?

A: We are really good at letting our humans know when we need a break by rubbing up against their legs and meowing or snuggling together. Our humans check our ears and our paws to make sure they are an okay temperature and carry us against their bodies to warm both us and them up! Cats = your own personal heater. Or we are super snug and warm when bundled up in a backpack.