If you have an adventurous cat like us, you may know the struggle to find the perfect harness that enables you to take your fierce feline out in the wild in safety. We’ve bought many harnesses in the past few years and as you may have seen from our previous reviews, that we had never narrowed it down to one that was a real winner – until now!


Last year, RC Pet Products reached out to us for our help in testing out their idea for them; they wanted to create a cat harness that was actually designed for moving cats. So obviously we are a little biased, as Bolt’s photo is on the front of the packaging (how cool is that!). However, after months of product testing and feedback given, we think it’s safe to say this will be our go-to harness for Bolt and Keel.

We wanted to see a harness that provided enough security that it is hard to wiggle out of, which the soft front piece provides, while being adjustable enough that it allows the harness to be tightened and can fit any type/size of cat. rc-pets-review-bolt-keel-harness

You can find the harness in a variety of colours online at RC Pets or on Amazon.

Note: These harnesses were sent to us for free, but our opinions are our own. By clicking on the Amazon link you are supporting Bolt and Keel’s adventures – thank you!