We don’t judge, we know you have more photos of your cat on your phone than anything else. But are they any good? If you dream of Instagram fame for your cat, here are a few simple tricks to capture your furry feline in all his or her glory.

1.Get low.

Lil Jon knows what he’s talking about. Okay, maybe Lil Jon has nothing to do with taking photos, but we do encourage you to get low, low, low.

Although the lake is better shown in this photo, it doesn’t tell the whole story of Bolt and Keel.

This low angle shows the content in both Keel and his human’s face.


2.Take lots (just remember to delete the bad ones)

What you don’t see on our Instagram feed is all the photos that have motion blur, are too dark, or the cats just aren’t cooperating. Cats are unpredictble and they won’t always sit and stay like a dog would. So we’ve started taking 20 photos for every one we post. That way we have lots to choose from!

Although Bolt looks cute, Keel is ruining his vibe in this shot. Let’s try again.

The lighting is right, Bolt is looking majestic, and Keel is looking off to the distance. Worth taking 20 shots for the right one.

3.Use a quick shutter speed for those action shots

Bolt and Keel are always on the move, okay lets rephrase that. Keel is always on the move. On a dark trail or when in need of an action shot, we up the shutter speed to┬ámake sure we don’t get motion blur.

A dark gloomy day and speedy cats means a lot of motion blur.

With a fast shutter speed, Bolt can be captured in all his fluffy glory.

4.Get their attention first

If you want your cats to be the next Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat, you have to make sure the photos are about them! Each photo tells a story and depending how you capture can depend on how it tells the story. Your cat’s fans want the story to be about your cat!

When looking away from the camera, the focus becomes what they are looking at. Which you can’t even see in the photo.

With a few clicking noises, Bolt and Keel looked over. Well kind of. But now when looking at the photo, you wonder what they are thinking and they become the focus of the image again.

Written by: Kayleen VanderRee

Kayleen is currently living her 8 year-old-self’s dream of following her cats around on adventures and taking their photos. You can check out more of Kayleen’s work and noncat related adventures here.