RC Pets Adventure Kitty Harness Review

If you have an adventurous cat like us, you may know the struggle to find the perfect harness that enables you to take your fierce feline out in the wild in safety. We’ve bought many harnesses in the past few… Continue Reading →

Bolt and Keel’s 2017 Calendar

Hot off the press! We are excited to send out our first Bolt and Keel calendar. Bring their adventures home with you or give it as a gift to your cat-loving or adventurer friend in your life. We are shipping… Continue Reading →

How to Take Better Photos of Your Cat

We don’t judge, we know you have more photos of your cat on your phone than anything else. But are they any good? If you dream of Instagram fame for your cat, here are a few simple tricks to capture… Continue Reading →

7 Steps For Your Adventure Cat in Training

Are you tired of your cat being a lazy, freeloading, hair shedding loaf? Follow these steps to turn your boring house cat into an adventurous “meowtain” lion.

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5 Reasons Why Victoria is a Terrible City to Visit this Spring

Victoria, BC, Canada. Commonly known as the garden city, but most recently known as the home of us, Bolt and Keel. Adventure cat extraordinaires.

The Time Keel Wouldn’t Wear Booties

We went snowshoeing again, this time the white substance on the ground didn’t seem as foreign. The humans strapped on our adventure coats and we new, things were about to get serious.

8 Tips to Help You Become the Ultimate Adventurer

Adventure and the great outdoors can often be intimidating. Bolt and Keel, cats and adventure enthusiasts, have come up with 8 tips to help you be a better adventurer and to have the ultimate outdoor experience.

Falling for Adventure

Every adventure we learn something new. This one we learnt that we hike better on a skinnier trail. That way we know which way to go!

Chasing Sunrise

Our human likes to get up way too early. This time we went with her. Sometimes the best part of the day is the part that we are usually asleep.

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