To us humans, a long weekend means possibility – possibility for adventure. After weeks of rain, the Sunshine Coast seemed like a fitting choice to explore new territory. And of course, we had to bring our adventure buddies, Bolt and Keel!

Day 1. Willingdon Beach Campground

Distance traveled: 232km via car and ferry

Powell River, one of the larger towns on the Sunshine Coast, is not the most accessible of places to get to; however, we quickly learned that the long hours of travel was worth it! Upon arrival, we checked in at Willingdon Beach Campground, which was as close to the beach as we could get without actually camping on the beach. We were all a little restless, probably because we were excited for what’s to come!


The sunrise on Willingdon Beach was worth getting up for!

Day 2: Canoeing and Camping on Inland Lake

After a quick stop to Powell River’s very own craft brewery, Townsite Brewing, we made our way to Inland Lake, one of Powell River’s many impressive lakes. Terracentric Adventures was kind enough to lend us a canoe to find our campsite with. Bolt and Keel enjoyed soaking up the sun, while us humans enjoyed sipping our Zunga blond ale (fun fact: a zunga is a local word for rope swing).


Evening light, cats, beer, and canoes. Life is good.

Distance traveled: ~5km of canoeing

We set up camp on a small island, where Bolt and Keel enjoyed exploring and we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the location; pure bliss.


Bolt and Keel were eager to set up camp!

Day 3: Sunshine Coast Trail

Distance traveled: via foot 9.8km

Imagine, 180km of trail, 13 huts. Oh the potential! The whole Sunshine Coast Trail usually takes about 15 days for a human to complete. As we are hiking with cats, we chose a small section of it, which included one night at Manzanita Hut. After some struggles with Bolt’s slow pace, and Keel’s harness, we eventually made our way through the lush forest to an incredible view.


An early start on the Sunshine Coast Trail

Sunrise is our favourite time of day. And the view from the bluff below the cabin even had Bolt and Keel in awe.


The morning made for amazing views overlooking Vancouver Island – our home!

We hiked out of the hut dry after a night of rain with 5.3km ahead of us. Keel impressed us by hiking all but the small section where we came across some dog “friends”. Bolt however, was a little slower, so we draped him around our necks in order to make it on time for our next adventure.


The Manzanita hut is the first of 13 huts on the Sunshine Coast Trail

Day 4: Lund

Just north of Powell River is a little town called Lund. Our personal highlight? The blackberry cinnamon bun from Nancy’s Bakery along the boardwalk. We quickly fell in love with the simplicity of the small town and it’s coastal vibe. Things sped up again, when Bolt and Keel got to experience their first high speed boat trip on one of Terracentric Adventures‘ zodiacs.


Keel and Danielle are ready to zodiac!

Christine and her son took us to the Copeland Islands, which is at the entrance of Desolation Sound and surrounded by the coastal and island mountains. Bolt and Keel weren’t too keen on the eagle keeping a close eye on them.


The Copeland Islands are a little piece of paradise

Our last evening quickly slowed down as we enjoyed the luxury of the Discovery Cabin at Sunlund By-The-Sea. Our hiking muscles enjoyed the hot tub and the cats enjoyed the freedom to run around in the cabin!


Enjoying the hot tub at Sunlund By-The-Sea

Our evening stroll in the marina was a spectacular way to enjoy the sunset and spend our last evening on the Sunshine Coast.


The sunsets did not disappoint in Lund

In the morning of our departure, we stopped in at Basecamp Cafe for their freshly roasted coffee and to get caffeinated up for our long drive back! So what now? How about attempting to set the record: The first cats to complete all of the Sunshine Coast Trail. Hmmm… Maybe next year?

– – – – –

This trip was hosted by Tourism Sunshine Coast. A big thank you to Terracentric Coastal Adventures, Townsite Brewing, Basecamp Cafe, and Sunlund By-The-Sea for making our experience exceptional!