We are Bolt and Keel. Brothers and Adventure Cats.

We were found abandoned in a bush behind the garbage bin of a local park. The plan was to take us to the local shelter, but it wasn’t open after work. The next day the humans left on a two day canoeing, hiking, and camping trip and didn’t know what to do with the us, so of course decided to bring us along on the adventure too!

We quickly won their way into the human’s hearts. Ever since, we have embraced hiking, kayaking, sailing, and are always looking for new adventures.



Favorite Activities: Cuddling, Being Carried, Leaping off things, Kayaking, Swimming, Licking Keel

Name origin: Our human loves rock climbing, so I was named after a climbing bolt. I also have a kink in my tail, like a lightning bolt.

Life Goal: To be on the Ellen show



Favorite Activities: Biting noses, Back scratches, Climbing things, Hiking, Snowpawing

Name origin: Our human loves sailing, so named me after the keel of a sailboat.

Life goal: To be on the Ellen show



Favorite Activities: Rock Climbing, Kitten Cuddling, and Exploring

Best Attribute: The biggest heart ever!



Favorite Activities: Hiking, Sailing, and Instagramming

Best Attribute: Not afraid to chase dreams!