Are you tired of your cat being a lazy, freeloading, hair shedding loaf? Follow these steps to turn your boring house cat into an adventurous “meowtain” lion.

Step 1: If possible, start your cat’s adventure training when he or she is young. The kitten will soon view adventures as normality and you and your furry feline will be “purrfesionals” in no time.


Step 2: Find the right harness. Cats grow quickly and differ in proportions greatly so an adjustable harness will work best for you. We still haven’t found one we are happy with, as we prefer the tougher dog harnesses and Bolt and Keel are still growing!


Step 3: Make adventuring a good experience. Take your cat to a quiet area outdoors – preferably somewhere where he or she feels protected from potential threats (dogs, vehicles, predator birds, and crashing waves). Give your cat lots of praise and treats while you are in this semi-adventurous environment.




Step 4: Be in tune to your cat’s needs. The more outdoor excursions that you take your cat on, the more accustom he or she will become to the adventurous lifestyle.  That being said, your cat may have days where he or she would rather be carried up the trail (just like you).


Step 5: Use your resources. Possible training devices could include a clicker to train your cat to walk or a blanket to create a sense of security. When in doubt, wrap a blanket around your cat because he or she will likely love the feeling of being swaddled. Don’t forget that your adventurous (cat-loving) friends will also be able to help you out! Cat’s tend to love following along at someone’s heels.


Step 6: Take precautions. Pick up your cat if you hear a dog nearby so as to avoid any undesirable reactions that may cause your cat to slip out of his or her harness. If taking your cat on to the water, be sure to bring along safety gear such as leashes and life jackets.



Step 7: Be patient. Creating an adventure cat takes time. Be patient and consistent and soon your feline friend will be ready to tackle trails that some humans would not dare to try!