Victoria, BC, Canada. Commonly known as the garden city, but most recently known as the home of us, Bolt and Keel. Adventure cat extraordinaires.

This is why we think you should stay home and leave the terrible city, Victoria, to us:

1. It’s too green.


Keel: Moss everywhere! It all looks the same.

Location: Mount Wells, Victoria, BC. A great hike and a popular spot for rock climbers.

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2. There are too many flowers.


Bolt: I would rather be shovelling snow right now.

Location: Cherry Blossom trees of Victoria, BC


3. The sunrises and sunsets are ugly.


Bolt: My eyes hurt just looking at it.

Location: Lone Tree Hill, Victoria, BC


4. The coastline is boring.


Waterfalls on beaches? Snooze.

Location: Sandcut beach, Jordan River, BC


5. It rains too much.


Bolt: Okay, we admit.. It does rain, but we promise the sunny days are worth every millimetre of moisture!

Location: Kayaking in Telegraph Bay, Victoria, BC

Happy Adventuring furrends!